Previous Employer Check

Avoid hiring an unsuitable candidate with timely information through reference checks

Klinsheet Consulting Limited offers top-notch background check services in Nigeria, specifically Pre-employment background checks that effectively uncover unqualified job applicants. Employment verification provides accurate data, helping organizations cut through facades to determine an applicant's true qualifications and suitability for a role. This involves contacting previous employers to confirm work history, including company details, tenure, roles, and salary.

Prior employment verification is essential for evaluating an applicant's qualifications and experience during recruitment, as well as unveiling any inconsistencies in their work history. It also helps expose fraudulent practices, such as altering academic records, using someone else's certificates, or forging documents, which give unfair advantages in hiring.

Beyond qualifications, employment verification offers insights into a candidate's performance, behavior, attitude, and traits, simplifying the hiring decision. By conducting reference checks, organizations can sidestep unsuitable hires and shield themselves from the repercussions of poor hiring choices